Azza Fahmy

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Knotted bracelet

CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE. Bead-embroidered rope bracelet made partly from recycled metal decorated with thin metal chains and beads made partly from recycled glass. Toggle clasp with a safety chain.
500٫00 ج.م.‏ 349٫00 ج.م.‏

Stackable Scarab

18kt Gold and sterling silver scarab ring adorned with Diamonds
4٬000٫00 ج.م.‏

Chain Scarab Ring

18kt Gold chain scarab ring adorned with Diamonds
6٬500٫00 ج.م.‏

Stackable Pearl Ring

18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver stacked ring adorned with calligraphy, pearls and precious stones
97٬000٫00 ج.م.‏

Floral Ring

18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver classic calligraphy ring adorned with our classic floral motifs
8٬000٫00 ج.م.‏


18kt Gold and Sterling bangle inspired by patterns found in two iconic Mamluk landmarks, the madrasa of Sultan al-Zahir Baybars and the wakala of Sultan al-Ashraf Qaytbay.
29٬000٫00 ج.م.‏